Century 2 of 14; THE TRUTH! Sachin's century and India losing! 100 vs Pakistan

In this post we discuss Sachin's 100 vs Pakistan. Sachin has scored 49 tons in ODIs and India won in 33 matches. Lost in 14. No result in 2. We will discuss each one of these 16 occasions.

2 of 14;  Singer cup 3rd match vs Pakistan, played at Padang, Singapore  
Pakistan won the toss and elected to field first. Sachin scored 100 out of India's total score of 226. Sachin hit 9 boundaries while the other 10 batsmen hit a total of 4 boundaries! The only 50+ score of the innings was Sachin's 100. The other top order batsmen's scores were Manjrekar -41, Sidhu -14, Azhar -29, Dravid -4, Jadeja -5

Pakistan had a revised target of 187 from 33 overs and they hit 190 in 28 overs at a strike rate of 6.78 runs per over!

Sachin did not get any sort of support from the team. He scored almost half of the total runs at a strike rate better than others. Helped the team from a disaster, And now... critics blame Sachin for the loss! pity!!
Kumar Sangakkara: "India have not lost so many matches becoz of Tendulkar; they have lost because of poor team performances."

it is not the fault of Sachin Tendulkar that India ended up on the losing side even when he got a ton for the side. Sachin is just 1 among the 11 players playing for the team. His duty is to score runs, and did it well in those 16 occasions, with incredible strike rates in almost all occasions! It wasn't his duty to take wickets and win the match! Even though he has did it many times.


  1. Sachin did not get any sort of support from the team. He scored almost half of the total runs at a strike rate better than others. Helped the team from a disaster, And now... critics blame Sachin for the loss! pity!!

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  2. No one blames sachin for his efforts. Cricket being a team game, the whole team has to be criticised. But what your opinion's offering is continously downplaying Dravid. Dravid made his debut in 1996 and was still finding hs feet at the limited overs level. Contributions from Sachin were expected at that stage for hi m being at the helm of indian cricket for 7 years. Given the same amount of time, in 2003 Dravid was the icc player of the year bro. No one critices sachin even if some assholes do, don't do a la Kejriwal here. Starting an argument by blaing others! I'm sure there'd be plenty if innings where you'd find Dravid singkle handedly winning it for our team.
    Ps don't blame dravid for anything :p

    1. answer for ur first point, THERE ARE PEOPLE BLAMING SACHIN FOR HIS EFFORTS! and there are people who always critizise sachin whenever india fails. and we are always against those dravid n vvs fans who always blabbering about one kolkata innings or one or two innings like that... ok... and if u are sure about dravid'ss such innings... like which u mentioned in the comment, write down atleast10 among them here... other wise u dont hav any rights to comment about it here... :) where did we say about dravid in this post? we were just mentioning the scores of other batsmen in that match... we respect dravid and we believe that dravid is the best indian batsman after the world's best sachin tendulkar! thats it! :)

      And one more point to add... this will help u to collect the single handed wins of Dravid...

      Dravid has delivered an Indian win with a century 2 times in entire career. (and in one of those Sanjay Bangar helped india to win the match with his quick fire 57 in the end overs while dravid was chasing 325 with a 109 from 124 balls)

      and Sachin has deliverd an indian win 14 times with a century while chasing... :) (Dont foget innings like 175 vs australia where he scored half of the runs with an incredible strike rate and india lost... and the Sharjah cup semi final where Sachin played and india qualified to the finals and then sachin got out... and India lost but achieved what they actually needed. :) :) best of luck! )

  3. Disrespecting a legend is the only thing you fools can churn out. Go get your ass smashed nowhttp://www.quora.com/Rahul-Dravid
    Just search for the facts there dude.
    Adelaide 233* , 64* not out. India won
    For the stupid slow ton of Sachin India lost the chance to win the Sydney test.
    Rawalpindi 283
    In a spot of bother he came at the crease after the first ball dismissal of Sehwag. Your such an asshole, not knowing shit about Indian cricket. After Dravid's retirement India hasn't won a test on foreign soil.
    At capetown in 1998 on th last day against South African seamers he played a fantastic knock.
    The recent England tour , Dravid got 4 test hundred where was Tendulkar then. No disrespect to sadhin, but you never pick legends you choose your faviourite. And you asshole knows nothing. Tendulkar had brute experience, Dravid madehis debut in 1996. Look at his record then. 1999 Hamilton., 190. Second innigns 105 not out. Tendulkar got a paltry 67. Several times when he helped indi draw the test match. Overseas test wins, dravid averages 65 , sachin 60. Cute huh ? I beat you on that too. Highest number of partnership runs 32k compared to sachin's 30k with playing less test matches.

    1. Using abusive language out of frustration! hahahaha
      This is the problem with u people ROFL :D hahahaha WHEN WE TALK ABOUT ODIs You came up with some TEST stats. We havent posted the test stats yet you idiot! :D

      So u have proved it! You dont have anything to say about ODIs.

      and when we write Test stats dont come here with dravid's IPL ststs... and im sure u will loose there also. :D

    2. and one more thing u idiot... :D You know what? Dravid's 233 took 446 balls where Sachin's 241 in sydney took only 436 balls. and u blame Sachin for slow innings! HAHAHA LMAO!