Pics- Sachin greatest! still down to earth!!

We have heard so many quotes on Sachin Tendulkar, about his down to earth behavior.
Now just see it in real... :) just see his attitude towards the grounds men...

Sachin with the ground staff after winning the 2008 Chennai Test with a superb 4th innings ton! Just see the smile on their face! 

with ground staff in the practice sessions... 

"What makes Sachin remarkable is that he remains unaffected by fame and glitter. Despite what he has achieved, he is still a student not a sage, a player not a pundit. The master never throws his weight around, never pulls rank."

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Part time bowler Sachin vs Batting wizard Lara! - stumps flying!

Cool video of Sachin Tendulkar's superb bowls to West Indian batting wizard Brian Lara.

India's part time bowler Sachin Tendulkar has dismissed Brian Lara 4 times in International cricket!

Wrong decision against Sachin off Lyon in 4th inngs 4th test vs Aus

Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the batsman who got out the maximum numbers of times bcoz of poor / wrong decision by umpires...

It indeed is a longlist! You can see some of them here in this page You can simply say, its a part of the game! But why always against Sachin?

The last one was in today's innings. The fourth innings of the test match! Sachin was batting on 1

Nathan Lyon's ball pitched outside off stump! and it turned sharply and the ball missed the leg stump! Here is the Hawk eye of the ball from keeper's view! Clearly missing the leg stump!

Here is the Hawk eye of the ball from Slip view! Pitched outside off turning down to leg!

Here is the Hawk eye of the ball from Umpire's view! Clearly pitching outside off and turning sharply to leg!

The impact position- umpire's n bowler's view! Umpire ruled it OUT!

The element of doubt should always go in favor of the batsman!

And one more added to THIS LONG LIST!  :-|

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Inzamam's nightmare bowler- Sachin Tendulkar!

Inzamam ul haq! One of the greatest batsmen of modern era! But always struggled against one bowler... Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!Here s a video of  his 7 dismissals by Sachin in  International cricket!  Perhaps Sachin's most favorite bunny- Inzamam!

Sachin's brilliant performance in 2001 series vs Aus!

2001 series vs Aus In the series... In the series... 

Sachin was the 3rd highest rung getter in the tournament!

Sachin was there in the top 10 wicket takers in the tournament!

Sachin's 139 was the highest individual score in the tournament!

Sachin's 3-35 in 10 overs was the second best bowling figure in the series!

Sachin's 165 strike rate for scoring 62 in 38 balls was the innings with highest strike rate in the entire series!

And the man of the series was Mathew Heyden. Because he was the highest run getter. Yea, he had scored 23 more runs than Sachin in the entire series!!

This is a cool video of Mcgrath's 1 over to Sachin Tendulkar.

First 4 balls goes like this 6 4 0 4

It was the first match in the series. He scored only 35 in that match. in 26 balls with a strike rate of 135. In the third match Sachin scored his 28th One Day international hundred. a superb match winning hundred 139 in 125 balls. in the fourth match he scored 62 in 38 with a strike rate of 165!

Heres the Mcgrath over...