Century 5 of 14; THE TRUTH! Sachin's century and India losing! 101 vs Srilanka

Sachin's yet another one man battle.
Here we discuss Sachin's 101 runs vs Srilanka in Sharjah.
Sachin has scored 49 tons in ODIs and India won in 33 matches. Lost in 14. No result in 2. We will discuss each one of these 16 occasions.
it is not the fault of Sachin Tendulkar that India ended up on the losing side even when he got a ton for the side. Sachin is just 1 among the 11 players playing for the team. His duty is to score runs, and did it well in those 16 occasions, with incredible strike rates in almost all occasions! It wasn't his duty to take wickets and win the match! Even though he has did it many times.
5 of 14;  Coca-cola Champions trophy 20 october 2000 vs Srilanka, Played at Sharjah
India won the toss and batted first. Sachin opened the innings with Ganguly and he scored 101 out of India's total score of 224. The next high score in the innings was Robin Singh's 35  and other scores were like this Ganguly -17, Dravid16, Kambli 12, Yuvraj 7
Srilanka chased the score in 44th over. Sachin was very economic with the ball too 4.40 was his economy.
Sachin was the Man of the match of the team. That means, he performed better than the other 21 players.
Kumar Sangakkara: "India have not lost so many matches becoz of Tendulkar; they have lost because of poor team performances."
Scored  a century, as a lone warrior in Indian innings but others did not help him... and, fought again as a lone warrior in the bowling innings too! One man's efforts cannot win a team game each n every time...!

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