Sachin, Seniors and the retirement plans!

If you are talking about top players performance. One question to indian cricket, Does current indian cricket team provides security to senior players.?…

"Sachin tendulkar has not scored century from last one year". have you counted his 70s,80s and 90s in this period? If he scores century, you will say he is playing for his records. What he should do?

"Sachin Tendulkar has scored just 90 runs in five games" Do you remember his last tournament? It was world cup and he ended as second top scorer with 482 runs, just 18 runs short of being top scorer (at age of 39).

Look at world cup knocks… 120 against England, 111 against SA, 53 against Mighty Australia (in Quarter final), 85 against dangerous Pak (in semi final)… If you are putting pressure on players if he has not performed in last two-three games. It puts further pressure on them to fall in next few games.

Rahul Dravid. In december 2011 he end up as Top Test Scorer of the year with 5 centuries. And suddenly in January 2012 you feels that he is not performing… and he should retire from test. Sometimes even you give reason of their ages. What about players in thirties, Are they performing 50% of these old folks?

Same thing happen with Saurav Ganguly. He had thrown out of the team and given chance to play one Test series for respectful retirement. He scored 450+ runs in that series. Respectful retirement ? Firstly you are throwing out of team and then giving respectful retirement.

Is it way we treat our legends? Who has given there everything to indian team to achieve respectable position in World Cricket. Before Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman we were underdogs in World Cricket. Unimaginable efforts by these Fab four raised indian cricket team from underdogs to World No.1 team. Agree for shake future they have to go. But there is way to phase out seniors. Throwing them out is not the way. Think again. Is it the way we should treat your legends?

(Article by Maddy Bangar )