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Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan wrote on his blog:
Last night I watched the IPL final and what an exciting match it was. I don’t think we could have asked for a better finale to a most entertaining tournament. Rajasthan after beginning as the least likely to win at the start of the tournament went on to win the cup.
My congratulations to the Rajasthan team and supporters. Chennai, hard luck but very well fought. Mumbai Indians is the team I’m supporting for obvious reasons, and I was disappointed that we weren’t in the finals, but next time. In fact I think all teams gave it their best but there can only be one winner, and jo jeeta wohi sikander.
My guess is that in a very short time we should have the best side on an international level, what with all the young talent being thrown up.

The match last night was certainly exciting but what made it a unique experience for me was that I had Sachin next to me.
You will find this hard to believe but Sachin was able to predict every ball before it was bowled. “He is going to bowl a bouncer next”,
“This one is going to be a slower one”, “Full tilt outside the off stump”, “Next one will be a yorker”, “Short of length”. It was uncanny. HE GOT IT RIGHT EACH TIME!!!
No wonder its so difficult to bowl to him. He has an amazing instinct. And he told me his logic for each prediction which I wont share with you as I don’t want to reveal how his mind works. But all of us were dumbfounded with his instinct and his acumen.
So at the end of it I told him next time we watch a film together I’m going to tell him whats going to happen next!

Raj Singh Dungarpur on Sachin's 136 against Pak

Raj Singh Dungarpur told this in an interview, a sachin special program - Sachin Tendulkar- Making of a legend!

" I think Joshi told me he[Sachin] went down the wicket and told him its gone too long now,let me finish this match.

So it was flotter from Saqlain,He came down the track and wanted to hit over the top of long on.

I came down the dressing room,I think its fair for me to say,he[Sachin] was weaping like a school boy,I kept on telling him why are you taking the whole blame yourself,by then we lost the match.You made impossible possible by playing this great inning.He[Sachin] said no sir,I have lost this match.

We were in the podium,I think very few time you gets man of the match on the loosing side,he got the man of the match on the loosing side.From the podium I signal to Anshuman Gaekwad the coach of the Indian team and asked him where is he[Sachin], because I knew he was Man of the match. Gaekwad said he not coming because he is crying.

I think thats what commitment is all about."

" In my life time being in and out of Indian Dressing Room in various capacities I have never seen a man half as patriotic as He is[Sachin Tendulkar]. He opens his bag and there is Ganpati and there is flag of India."

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