Century 4 of 14; THE TRUTH! Sachin's century and India losing! 143 Sharjah

Guys!! even the sand storm inning is one of those lost match innings! PITY!! Sachin has scored 49 tons in ODIs and India won in 33 matches. Lost in 14. No result in 2. We will discuss each one of these 16 occasions.

4 of 14;  Sharjah Cup semi final vs Austra, Played at Sharjah 1998

Guys, If you include this match in the lost match category, seriously... something is seriously wrong with you!!

No one in the history of the game has played such an inning guys! a total one man battle! The only aim of the team was to qualify to the finals of the sharjah cup. and Sachin did it alone!

India required 254 to pass New Zealand on net run rate, and qualify for the final.
Sand storm disrupted the play by about 25 minutes. Indian target after the break was 276 to win in 46 overs, or 237 in 46 to qualify for the final.

He did not get any sort of  support from the other batsmen for chasing the final qualifying target, or the match winning target. The next high score in the innings after Sachin's 143 was Mongia's 35 runs. Other batsmen's scores were Ganguly 17, Azhar 14, Jadeja 1, Laxman 23

He also took the wicket of Mark Waugh and ran out Steve Waugh in Australian innings.

Sachin chased it wonderfully... Achieved the main target in 42 overs with 20 balls left. and after that a slight edge from his bat was taken by Gillchrist. Only the bowler appealed. Umpire rejected the appeal but Sachin knew he had an edge and he left the crease. Even the umpire was stunned!! Sachin knew that he had achieved the main target.

HE LEFT THE CREASE AFTER ASSURING INDIA'S PLACE IN THE FINAL. and he won us the final also with another blistering century!

India could not win the game. because after Sachin left the crease the next batsmen's scores were like this Laxman 23 from 34 balls, and Kanitkar 5 from 14 balls. both not out!

It is not the fault of Sachin Tendulkar that India ended up on the losing side even when he got a ton for the side. Sachin is just 1 among the 11 players playing for the team. His duty is to score runs, and did it well in those 16 occasions, with incredible strike rates in almost all occasions!


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