Sachin's tons and the critics' percentage analysis blunder!

I happened to see a post by A 'legendary mathematician', Vineeth in his blog post!  against one of our status

In that he was trying to contradict our statement, "Sachin has more match winning centuries than Ricky Ponting has in total" – telling that it is the stupidest argument.

Since he is a mathematician, he proved it mathematically and it says win % when Ponting Scores a 100 is 83.33%.

Vineeth mathematically analyzed Saurav Ganguly's winning percentage also... as he is playing in Sachin’s team.

We have seen so many other people saying blah blah... about the century and the percentage!

So we also decided to go mathematically! and u know what? The results seems to be shocking. We have discovered another match winner!! (This is just to show you the authenticity of mathematical explanation, and we did just for 'mathematical' purpose...)

Check out our analysis.... :D

A tail end batsman, say... Prasad tries to score century in 20 matches in whom he got, let’s say over 30 overs to bat, He fails in 19 occasions! And finally he manages  to score 1 ton!  and team wins it.

Let’s take last three matches, and our Sachin also scores  a century in the same match!  Unfortunately, he had scored 2 centuries in the previous 2 matches!  And our ‘great’ bowlers including this tail ender had won  the match for the other team...!!

And the status read like this:

Venkatesh Prasad is d greatest match winner! Because of the  % of winning when he scores a ton is 100%

Wow! All hail Prasad!!!

Yea... because...

Sachin’s percentage!   3 tons and the team won in 1 is just 33%
Prasad’s percentage! 1 ton and the team won in 1 is 100%

I’m not a mathematician to analyze like Vineeth did!! all hail Vineeth! :)

Let me say to hell with youur percentage blunder... critics... :-|

Remember Vineeth, if Sachin had not scored those 16 tons in lost games, he would have had 100% winning percentage now! He helped our team to keep its head high in those matches! Also please keep in mind that we didn’t have legends like Warne, Mc Grath...!

Sachin is just 1 among the 11 players playing for the team. His duty is to score runs, and did it well in those 16 occasions, with incredible strike rates in almost all occasions! It wasn't his duty to take wickets and win the match! Even though he has did it many times... :)

Kumar Sangakkara: India have not lost so many matches becoz of Tendulkar; they have lost because of poor team performances.


  1. Wow. The amount of butthurt on a one year old post is astounding.

    First of all, I wasn't undermining Sachin's achievement. I love Sachin and respect his contributions.

    I was merely pointing out to a flaw in an argument "Sachin has more match winning centuries than xyz has centuries". That statement is purely based on the fact that he has way more centuries than anyone else. With such large numbers he is more than likely to have had a higher number of centuries in match winning games.

    Second of all, Venkatesh Prasad scored 1 century and it was match winning doesn't hold because of sample sizes and statistical significant. 18/22 vs. 33/49 is a valid comparison because of the denominator. 33/49 vs. 1/1 is not a valid comparison - again denominator.

    18/22 vs. 33/49 IS actually statistically significant. I was merely pointing out the mis-representation in the statement "Sachin has more match winning centuries than xyz has centuries". I'm not anti-Sachin. I'm just anti mis-representation of numbers.

    1. 18/22 vs 33/49 is still not a valid comparison Mr. Mathematician Vineeth...Valid comparison is when d denominator matches with that of 'The DELIMINATOR'(Sachin SIR)..49!!!!!the Denominator shows his greatness...

    2. vineeth..dont speak like an idiot..!!

      "I was merely pointing out to a flaw in an arguement "Sachin has more match winning centuries than xyz has centuries". That statement is purely based on the fact that he has more centuries than anyone else. With such large numbers he is more than likely to have had a higher number of centuries in match winning games."

      It seems sachin's number of centuries is troubling u..The master blaster scored dese much centuries bcoz of his player reached near to it...dis means master stands well above other players...!!

      The fact is dat Tendulkar's match winning hundreds r more dan any other player's total hundreds!!

    3. Again...if Sachin scored 16 centuries and India lost, it just shows dat he got no support from any of his team mate...stil he did his job perfectly..!!
      how can u blame d master for dat??
      instead blame other team mates...remember cricket is a team game...
      Dis statistics just shows dat how strongly d master stands in d pressure situations!!

    4. O vineeth bhai.... chalo jawo jitna mathematical bomb fodna hai... apne gf ko sunwo... aur bhago yaha se

  2. Once again... to hell with ur mathematical analysis mr. Vineeth. :) :)

    So what u say is India lost those 16 matches bcoz of Sachin's ton? whats Sachin's fault in that? EXPLAIN!

  3. Hey Vineeth, Come on dude, Why you people are looking into the negative side of his achievements, I don't know, am basically a zero in mathematics and I have no idea why you are giving such a big time blunders here, you wanna prove that you are a better mathematician than us, or is that just a show off to prove that you are a mathematical genius, Sachin is playing to win matches and no one plays to loose games. Please don't question the commitment of a person who played for the country for more than 23 years, just for the sake of getting few claps from Sachin haters.

  4. great article brother.... loved ur sarcastic take on the GOD haters!! keep it up!!! SACH FOR LIFE!!!

  5. vineet.......mathematician must be your surname and that tooby mistake cos you are a dumbo in much has been said about yout stupid calculation that I can insult you any simply keepyour potty mouth shut.

    Khud bat utha nahin sakte baat karte hain bhagwan ki...bhagwan bole to Khuds yahin appna sachin .....

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