Third umpire; Sachin OUT! Hussey NOT OUT! WTF is this?

Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the batsman who got out the maximum numbers of times because of poor / wrong decision by umpires. And people call it 'Human errors' and its a part n parcel of the game! But, then what about the Third umpires? 3rd umpire gets enough time & technology.. .so cannot give excuses!

In the Match between RCB and MI, Sachin was given out by the third umpire... It was very very close call... The famous theory 'Element of doubt should always go in favor of the batsman' does not apply in Sachin's cases?

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It was ruled OUT! The element of doubt did not favor the batsman. It was a very very close call. In the available frame after the bails came off, he had crossed the line.

Now see the pictures of CSK vs Punjab match. Hussey was clearly out! and the  third umpire ruled it NOT OUT!

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Click on the pic to see in big size

There wasn't any 'element of doubt!' His bat was on the line when the bails came off. The commentators, were stunned to see the decision... Stephen fleming, CSK coach, hussey... all were laughing! WTF?

Words of Sunil Gavasker while the decision was pending...

"Yes i think he is just a little bit short... the bails come off bat is up in the air as well...i think M. hussey willl hav to make the walk back to the pavln... the bat hasnt paased the line... it is an easy call for the umpire..."

and the other commentator when the decision came: "YOU ARE KIDDING ME!"

Third umpire errors can not be considered as human errorrs!

This blog post was published weeks before the match fixing controversy! and we don't doubt Hussey or any players, the mentions about Stephen Fleming, CSK coach are not in that way. We know that they laughed because of the surprise!

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