Century 10 of 14; THE TRUTH! Sachin's century and India losing! 100 vs Pakistan

Sachin has scored 49 tons in ODIs and India won in 33 matches. Lost in 14. No result in 2. We will discuss each one of these 16 occasions.

10 of 14;  ODI series vs Pakistan, Played at Arbab Niaz Stadium, Peshawar
Pakistan won the toss and fielded first. Sachin Tendulkar was the back bone of the indian innings yet another time. Irfan Pathan and MS Dhoni gave Sachin good support with their blistering knocks 65 and 68!

India were allout in 49.4 overs for a score of 328. When Sachin was dismissed, the Indian score was 305 in 45 overs, with 5 overs remaining, and the rest of the team managed to score only 28 runs in the last 5 overs and they were all out!

By D/L method, the target was revised to 305 in 47 overs, and the 'Great' Indian bowlers gave it away very easily, the best Indian bowling figure was I Pathan's 52 runs in 10 overs, all other went for plenty! 6.00 plus for each n every other bowlers!

It is not the fault of Sachin Tendulkar that India ended up on the losing side even when he got a ton for the side. Sachin is just 1 among the 11 players playing for the team. His duty is to score runs, and did it well in those 16 occasions, with incredible strike rates in almost all occasions!


  1. I agree with your point. It was not his mistake that our side lost in those 14 occasions. That is incredibly stupid of our nation to think.
    However, I think,Sachin is criticized more because of not scoring his famous "tons" in important matches. He was great, for sure, and that is why he was expected to perform in high matches. But he seldom, I think. I don't have exact data like you have, but if my memories serve me, I have seldom seen his innings making us winning a match.
    If you can collect the data, collect of those matches which were important, like finals or semi-finals and how many Sachin scored then. If he scored 40 or even 50 in those matches, it is not enough, considering his stature.
    Still, he is a God. who failed to make his country win in many number of times.

    1. Hi Vividh! I have a question for you. [quote]...he was expected to perform but he seldom did [/quote]. So, are you suggesting that the 33+ tons during which India won are not high profile matches? how about some of the 90s runs where he did not get a ton but india won?

      You know, in Australia, someone is a match winner if anyone disintegrated the opposition team by his aggressive behaviour. Like McGrath for example, he sledges people and gets into others' minds. People automatically give up the wickets. He does not need to take the wickets. One such instance is sachin back-sledging McGrath (the one and only time where Sachin was not the Tendulkar). So schocked was McGrath that he got disintegrated for the entire match. Now, that is the feeling that opposition gets when Sachin bats. And I am only talking where he did not perform true to his potential. My question still remains. Are those 33 matches, atleast some of those 33 matches...are they not high profile? So, you have basically subtracted all his centuries where India have won, then listed those matches that India needed to win and Sachin did not score. So based on that theory, throw any number...let's say Sachin did not score 100 matches where India needed him (this is a wild number and not true). As per that theory, India would not have won 133 matches had Sachin did not play those 33 centuries too.

      And as for the truly blind criticizers (not you Vividh!), Sachin fans do not need to worry nor give statistics nor do a tit-for-tat. Nay-sayers will sit in their room comfortably, criticizing every single hero, pointing with a tooth-pick while the true greats keep on performing. The nay-sayers get nothing but sour blood, sour sweat, and sour spit in their own throats, keep doing it and eventually shut up. Or in this case, now that Sachin retired, they will pick up the next great one. Just because "the blind" critisized him, he did not stop performing. Time won't stop for anyone. Not even our great Sachin. On our death-bed, whenever that comes.....with probably our immediate family on our side (or probably not...maybe we will be alone...because we did not perform), we think "what did we do in life?" while Sachin on his death-bed smiles and says "aaahhh...India is proud of me. I am satisfied".

      Tail-Piece: I am a true sachin's fan, in spite of being not happy with several of his professional decisions. As a true fan.... statistics does not matter.
      criticism does not matter.
      His failures does not matter.
      He contributed to India in a major way, it is materialistic.
      He contributed to sports-poetry. It is philosophical.
      He contributed to new sports-science. It is about touching new human consciousness on the pitch.
      He contributed to society. It is about keeping aside our self and giving something back.

      What more do I want?

      there is a sanskrit saying which the sachin critisizers need to read, understand, assimilate, and probably it would do them good to put it into practice.