Rahman of Cricket’s messege to Sachin of Music! -Video

Vanakkam Rahman! Whether I was going to cricket ground, I was preparing myself before a match or after I scored a hundred, celebrating, it was always your music. Your music in different times, like when I was really happy or when I was feeling low, when there was nothing much happening in life, it was my companion, so in a way u have traveled with me. Wherever I have toured, you have traveled with, your music has traveled with me. It has entertained not just me, but all of us. All of us truly enjoy your music and we look forward to your next album. So you have done that for 20-25 years. It is a long time to be at the top. I have no doubts that with your family support... I have met your family, you have a wonderful family. With your family support and good wishes, you will continue to entertain all of us. All the very best!
Bowled over by Sachin's wishes, Rahman said: Its such a surprise! Likewise, Sachin is a great inspiration. I think for the past 20-25 years, he has been inspiring us."


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