Raj Singh Dungarpur on Sachin's 136 against Pak

Raj Singh Dungarpur told this in an interview, a sachin special program - Sachin Tendulkar- Making of a legend!

" I think Joshi told me he[Sachin] went down the wicket and told him its gone too long now,let me finish this match.

So it was flotter from Saqlain,He came down the track and wanted to hit over the top of long on.

I came down the dressing room,I think its fair for me to say,he[Sachin] was weaping like a school boy,I kept on telling him why are you taking the whole blame yourself,by then we lost the match.You made impossible possible by playing this great inning.He[Sachin] said no sir,I have lost this match.

We were in the podium,I think very few time you gets man of the match on the loosing side,he got the man of the match on the loosing side.From the podium I signal to Anshuman Gaekwad the coach of the Indian team and asked him where is he[Sachin], because I knew he was Man of the match. Gaekwad said he not coming because he is crying.

I think thats what commitment is all about."

" In my life time being in and out of Indian Dressing Room in various capacities I have never seen a man half as patriotic as He is[Sachin Tendulkar]. He opens his bag and there is Ganpati and there is flag of India."

Here it is-

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  1. Sachin is GOD....
    He makes me cry..where do u get ppl like him nowadays....all dose whu say sachin plays fr records shud either change der wrd or die.....

  2. GOD of cricket...

  3. Well thats an awesome collection,,,even I am a gr8 fan of Sachin....Sachin is definitely a gr8 match winner!!Infact if Cricket is religion,Sachin is God!!....But the initial comparison of Sachin with Rahul Dravid was not too gr8 either..He being a middle order batsman,Sachin an opener,you really can't comment and compare..Even Yuvraj has won the matches for India..I would rather say that the later is a good Finisher,Sachin though being a "Match winner" is not a good "Finisher",which is not his job either,he being an opener!!...
    Critics:Please learn to differentiate the two terms..or take your words in your ass

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  5. OK. Thanks. :)

    This blog is a part of the website sachinandcritics.com

    But why these Anonymous comments? :O

  6. sachin d awesome personality in cricket fraternity...d most respectable and adorable.....no one can match not even on field qualities of his but also d off field qualities.....d biggest icon in india......d champion guy he is........we r proud 2 b born in his era & able 2 watch him play........we all indians luv him as much as we do our family.....!!!!!

  7. thanks so much for such a brilliant explanation, though a figure like Sachin does not need any explanation. His works, attitude, personality, passion for cricket and compassion for others on and off the field speaks for himself. but this is an excellent article to shut the mouth of those people who dares to speak against him and point their finger at him. they should understand that the other four fingers are pointing at their ownself. but i wish that these people understand and value the preciousness of SACHIN TENDULKAR which GOD has gifted to INDIA. thanks again. hope his innings goes on and on and on.....

  8. yes, i did cry while reading this...

    thats what sachin means to me

  9. SACHIN is God of Cricket. .

  10. He is "The Legend" of India. When Sachin bats, total number of viewers is equal to the population of Europe. The only Indian sportstar to have his statue at Wax Museum.

    People like Sachin more than me

    - Sharukh Khan.

  11. Marvelous!!!! Those who says sachin plats for records this is a news for them to read sachin always the god of cricket

  12. i get to cry when i hear from persons sayin sachin plays for his personal pride& records
    this is an perfect answer to those people
    go on guys these r fitting reply to the critics!!

  13. Some very great sportsman said about Sachin "Sachin has such dedication..., he would be a legend in any sports, cricket is just lucky to have him."

  14. how does crying makes u patriotic or better player. Even Kambli did cry in the WC 96 semis. Seriously .. if u want to give a reason give a solid one and not just hyperboles like he is patriotic and blah blah . Every cricketer who plays for the country is patriotic except the ones who do match fixing :P and the ones who keep their silence just to be good boys in the eyes of the administrators. In this match Sachin has been at his best. But there are other international players whose best have allowed their teams to win. This is not a negative criticism of Sachin but a fact that most of hyper fans fail to realise. I too like sachin but just as a good batsman who has his own limitations.

  15. that was funny...

    "But there are other international players whose best have allowed their teams to win!" haha

    HEY MAN!! becoz they got support from their team mates.

    here the other men in the team spoiled that effort. When sachin was dismsd india needed just 16 runs... and had 4 wkts in hand. and lost by 12 runs.